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Crunch Digital Media Company is a business focused on providing expert support to Recruitment/Marketing Agencies as well as direct clients looking to promote, communicate or recruit via the internet. We provide our partner agencies with outsourcing solutions and expertise covering every aspect of visitor attrition and company promotion via a digital source.

Our services

Digital Media

Media planning, media buying, contract negotiation, contract management.

Campaign Tracking

Tracking response to online campaigns, bespoke reporting, campaign media communication & management.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click campaigns, display advertising, campaign optimisation, bespoke reporting.


Our Display programmatic RTB marketing software Appnexus enables our clients to access billions of page impressions every day , leveraging data and analytics to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their acquisition strategies.


Using the best of breed software retargeting, remarketing and re-engagement strategies, we're able to drive conversions by engaging those 98% of visitors who leave a website without signing up, applying or leaving their details.


Social Media Optimisation: strategy development, building of profiles, groups & pages; development & distribution of content; SMO management & reporting.

Email Marketing

Email build & testing, campaign delivery, bespoke reporting.


Flash file conversion/build, Adserving, HTML email build.

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